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Richard P. McArthur

Another explanation for Richard's letting Katharine keep the lands-it may not have hurt him to do so.

The History of England

And actually, since Hasting's wasn't attainted taking her land would have been against law- but then that hadn't stopped Richard in the past!

lesley from Kent

But Richard was Lord Protector, and about to ascend to Kingship - if he'd wanted to attaint Hastings, he could have. Surely the simple fact that he didn't, means that - for whatever reason - he actually chose not to, ie chose to let Hastings' widow/family retain their lands.

The History of England

Hi Lesley - yes, that is certainly the interpretation that Riccardians would put on it. However, other historians point out that by and large visiting attainders on the family was very often avoided anyway. So Henry VI issued 21 attainders, all reversed; Edward IV 140 attainders, 86 reversed; Richard III 100 attainders 99 reversed; though Henry VII, 138, only 52 reversed. Where the wife & family were affected, usually provision was made for the wife.

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