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Brian J. Kelly

07 February 2016
Hello David,

I have good and--perhaps--bad news for you.

The 'History of England' podcast was my companion for two-2000 mile road trips (fortunately separated by 30 days). These excellent podcasts reduced the pain of those long days. Now a loyal listener, I anticipate humorous transitions a few seconds before you strike home (like Pavlov's dog, if dogs could laugh).
I hope the above serves as good news. Now for the bad; I downloaded all the podcasts and at 142 there was a completely different podcast. It consists of two clowns talking to each other in a language foreign. To my American ear, it sounded Nordic (some German-like articles) and is spoken rapidly--definitely Flemish, Urdu or Klingon.

Several other subsequent episodes were copied over by the same pair (no. 152 and others). If you are aware of this, the two 'clowns' are your friends or both I apologize for being redundant and breathless (embarrassing for a card carrying introvert). If not, I'll give you list of the copied- over episodes.

Best regards,
Brian J. Kelly

The History of England

Hello Brian. I tremble with the horror of 2,000 road trips. I suspect drugs might have been more useful than my humble podcast...

Sorry about the foreign blokes - I think the problem is fixed now.

Thanks for the kind words - and I look forward to being in your ears on your next trip!

Todd Goldberg

Keep up the great work -- how about updating this schedule so we know what to expect in April, May, and June!

John Reid


Many thanks for your fantastic podcasts. I'm up to the Crecy episode and decided to stop "being a fool to myself" and look at the website - respect! what an achievement. I now have the dillema of whether I should start again with visuals.

Best wishes


The History of England

Excellent, thanks John. What about the animated maps?!

Julian Downes

June 2016

Hello David

I stumbled on your podcasts last week and randomly chose to listen to #178 to see if I would like them. Wow. That's a good Wow.
Now I'm hoping that #178 is not a fluke and am going to listen from the start.

Thank you

The History of England

Phew! Glad you did randomly listen to the first phew. We'd never have seen you again.

Larry Carney

Hello David,
Tried to take the survey you spoke of and got this......This survey is currently closed. Please contact the author of this survey for further assistance.

The History of England

Larry thanks for trying - yes, it must be finished now, sorry for wasting your time

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