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joe Bradley

I love the show. (plan to donate soon) I tried to vote on the contest on face book but could not figure it out.

If you can accept votes on killers of the princes in this format here is mine:

If I have to pick one of your options I would pick Buckingham as the killer.
But I really think all options you provide are wrong: Livia did it!

Joe, Whitehorse Yukon, Canada

The History of England

Gosh, all the way from Yukon! I looked Whitehorse up on the map I was so excited - I bet you have a little more wilderness than here in England!

Yes, my instructions are a model of complexity - it's a personal character flaw. Your vote is duly recorded, just as the drawbridge comes down. It has to be said that Livia is quite a popular vote...

Thank you for the compliment!

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