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Jim Burd (Boulder, Colorado, USA)

Excellent! I will be looking at these many, many times during the WoR podcasts. Thanks!


these are nice but it would be nice to also see the lesser lords' lands...

The History of England

Thanks Jim...Liam, it gets too confusing. Also, don't know enough to do that!



It's funny - no matter how many times you hear someone's name & you know their lands were not all in one clunp, it's hard to visualize it & remember it. These maps are great - thank yiu!

Jen's Husband

I was young & dumb once, now I'm not so young. I used to play the Milton Bradley 'War Of The Roses' board game. Then, right after college I designed my tour of England based on recollections of the map. There were three thing that came out of youthful stupidity:
1) The city of York was a real pleasant surprise, since I had no idea what the present day town/city would look like.
2) Distances are in Miles, not kilometers. . .
3) Apparently rumors that Europe does not have speed limits does not include England. Did not learn that one the hard way fortunately.

Now I need to go find a copy of the game again.

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