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lesley from Kent

I'm sure I've read somewhere that More's chronicle of Richard III was, simply, found among More's paperwork. Unfinished and unsigned - and therefore the attribution of it to More is not cast iron. Haven't I heard that it might have been the work of Morton, in whose household More spent his youth? This is an ask, not a statement - I might have misunderstood, or remembered wrongly.
Great site though, really interesting.

The History of England

Hi Lesley - I had not heard that actually, very interesting; all of the books I have read have not recorded any doubt on its authorship; though many of them note that Thomas More was writing the book to have an opportunity to draw out learning about tyranny; a bit like Gildas having a rant at the British kings and warning of the wrath of God, or Machiavelli demonstrating his political theories. And therefore, as a historical document, it is not safe.

Margaret Oakes

Lesley, I also read that in Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time, but I can't find any evidence to back up that claim.

By the way, LOVE LOVE the podcast!

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