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Jordan Harbour

The Twilight Histories is a history show with a radio drama feel. You are a time traveler and get to explore exotic worlds--sometimes from alternate threads in reality...


I'm enraptured with 'In Our Time', listening to it on the hourly journey by bike to work in the morning and then again home in the dark. This is just the ticket; thank you for compiling and recommending these.

Frank McClintock

Any tips on where I can find the Genghis Khan podcasts you say are so good? Cheers.

The History of England

Yes - they are still available on iTunes under Hardcore History by Dan Carlin (the Wrath of the Khans); or at his website - http://www.dancarlin.com/

John Gauntley

Thought i would throw my hat into the ring regarding podcasts- in particular Dan Carlin. I see his name has cropped up a few times but no one seems to have comemented recently. Dan Carlin produced 6 episodes entiltled 'Blueprint for Armageddon', all about WW1. A number of the episodes are in excess of fours hours, however, if listeners have any interest at all in the subject, I strongly recommend a listen!

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