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Thank you very much for your invaluable contribution. Your blog as well as your podcasts are marvellous!


Some great podcasts there (most of which I subscribe to)
Looking forward to cghecking out the Rex Factor!!

Ben Nicholson

Hi David
Can I add two more recommendations for this page. 1st of all The China History Podcast by Laszio Montgomery and the 2nd which I'm surpised you having put there is In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg from BBC Radio 4 (which is a combination of history, science, relgion, Culture, Philosophy and probably other things) but history comes up a lot and the is a archive for history called called In Our Time: History. Hope you and my other history of england fans like my personal recommendadations. I also think The History Of World War II is really good.

David Crowther

Hi Ben

Thanks for the recommendations; I'll try the history of china one - a subject I'd be interested in, though I'd guess makes doing the history of England look like slacking! I have listened to the In our Time one... and I agree it's OK, but consciously decided not to put up here. Of course it is really good, and they get authoritative contributors, and I like Melvyn - but I find it a bit dry, a bit Radio 4. So I only pick up the odd one here and there now when I'm particularly interested in the subject.

The one I've started to listen to now is the History of Philosophy - the first 2 or 3 were hard work, but once he gets into Heraclitus it get's really good. Definitely worth a try.

Jarmo Laakso

Dan Carlins Hardcore History is awesome. http://www.dancarlin.com/disp.php/hh
Not very many episodes available, but they tend to be on the long side.
Death throes of the republic is a particular favourite.

One of the favourites alongsides History of Rome and History of England.

Jenny Wood

Also A Short History of Japan is very good.


If I may suggest another: check out Open Yale (Yale University) as they have an excellent free podcast history course (about 20+ hours long) on the History of Tudor England, covering off from Henry VII through to Charles II.


Hi David
I am a recent discoverer of your "History of England" podcasts and just can't get enough of them!! They are particularly enjoyable because of the humour you bring to them - the people become credibly human rather than simply names from the past! I am especially interested as many of them are my ancestors. Thank you!!

Ginna Phillips

I also enjoyed "Norman Centuries" and"12 Byzantine Rulers" by Lars Brownworth and the the "British History Podcast" by Jamie Jeffers.

I'd like to thank you for listing these resources. I love listening to your podcast though once I caught up I find that it works better for me in clumps. So I let a few accumulate then listen to the last from the the last clump and immerse myself (otherwise I'll forget who's who). Then I can be seen on my walks with headphones on laughing with abandon.

I think I'll eventually know more about your long history that our short one, since most American history podcasts emphasize the 1) colonial days, 2) revolution, 3) Civil War and 4) WWII. unless I'm missing something...


Don't forget the History Books Review podcasts by Colin Saunders. He is working through Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and does it so you think you have read it.


Thanks so much for suggesting these. I've just gotten into Ray Harris' The History of World War II podcast - I hadn't come across that one yet. I'd just finished listening to the Modern Scholar audio book on World War I (and finally learned how to pronounce Ypres - I'm a Yank and had only seen it written before - and was looking for something similar on WWII.

The History of England

Hi Sarah - Glad your are enjoying Ray's podcast. Ypres is not an easy word. You could certainly run classes for the Brits. In the war as I understand it we called it 'Wipers'

Matt NL

David, you might also want to add the Napoleon Podcast, an absolute gem!


And Norman Centuries by Lars Brownworth also worth listening!

Ben Nicholson

There is a relatively new podcast on the scene which is 5 episodes (and a introduction episode) in. It's called History of the Crusades by Sharyn Eastaugh. I'm still warming to it but so far it's good.

Jesse Lemons

I'd recommend the Russian Rulers podcast http://russianrulers.podhoster.com/


No Dan Carlin? Hardcore History is the best history podcast.
He made an EPIC Fall of the Roman Republic Series clocking in at about 12 hours long. Not the most frequent podcast, which is OK with me because I squee with joy when it comes and gives me time to listen to other stuff.

The History of England

Ok, Dan Carlin. I did listen to an episode (something Rome-like I think) but his style wasn't quite for me. So take this as a full retraction, shamed by your email I have been listening to the Ghenghis Khan episodes - which are excellent. So I will update at some point...

Joe Arnold

The (quite frankly adorable) married couple who do the "The Civil War (1861-1865" podcast also have another: 'The Life & Legacy of Napoleon Bonaparte'.

I was surprised by how much I like it, even though (it being my personal favorite era) I know much of the information already.

I've only gotten up to the tenth or so episode, so not past the French Revolution. My only concern is a few of the history books they've been using are the Nappy-bashing sort, but it hasn't really shown so far.

Oddly, it's not appearing on itunes just now, though the thirty-somethingth episode showed in my subscription feed. Hmm. Anyway, if you like their other, try this.

Joe Arnold

Oh, and "Talking History: the Italian Unification" is brand new, but off to an excellent start. The supplementary episode on Venice wasa great listen.


Two great podcasts on all the stuff that is just context in The History of England, both by Lars Brownworth. Especially the first is relevant.

Norman Centuries : http://normancenturies.com/

12 Byzantine Rulers. The History of The Byzantine Empire : http://12byzantinerulers.com/

Cheers, Mike


in addition, I really enjoyed this BBC podcast:
A History of the World in 100 Objects : http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/ahow


I love your work! Thank you so much to you and your family for sharing so much of your time!


Roifield Brown

Dude, where is my show?


Some very good recomendations here, agree that the genghis khan series by dan carlin was great! Question, does anyone know of a good podcast (series) on the scientific revolution (i.e not just the enlightenment)? Thanks!


The History of England is the best podcast from a man in a shed. What happened to Historyzine by Jim Mowatt? his War of the Spanish Succession was very good. You might look at The British History podcast by Jamie Jeffers. Do not be deceived by Rex Factor, it is a casual approach but loaded with information. History of Crusades a winner too.

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