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Incredible. I love it David. How much of the abbey's documents survive?

The History of England

Hi Charlie - they are amazing aren't they? And with a bit of humour too. I wonder if Terry Gilliam had seen them before he did Monty P...Sadly, not sure how much other stuff from the Abbey survives. Most would have been destroyed in the civil war


I like the drawing of the templars, with his buddy riding shotgun behind him. This must be the earliest evidence of rock, paper, scissors right?

The History of England

Well, they've got to pass the time somehow...they do look happy though don't they?


I am brazilian. I love her site. Enjoied!Um grande abraço!!!

The History of England

Hi Ana -very impressed with your English if you can follow the podcasts! Thanks

David Cooper

Just how old is Matthew Paris now? I like his articles in the Times on Brexit - but can't he do the graphics any more?

The History of England

amazing isn't it? Goes on forever the lad...still, not looking that good on it...

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