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I read the lesson yesterday (Dec 25) in a far less attractive and remarkable church. I'm a total unbeliever but I do like a good church and I even quite approve of the way the C of E binds the village together. And it keeps my mother out of mischief. So I might manage a small donation soon.

The History of England

Now that, Timbio, is a fine point, a fine point. It keeps my mother out of mischief too. Should have thought of that. A fine institution then.

Anne Roberts

and in another thing, I hate church services but the church has some of the VERY best music. it almost make one a believer.

The History of England

Anne, another good point. We had quite a high church vicar, used to do the Jubilate Deo to music. Never forgotten the tune, though haven't sung it in anger for 35 years

Tom Hughes

One way to encourage church conversation is to rediscover the lives of the clergy who worked in those buildings.


This new blog is based on a massive database proving the truth of one Victorian churchman who decried the "superfluity of naughtiness" among the clergy.

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