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Dave Krick

I studied the Shakespeare history plays in the late 1960's with Professor Kendall (Warwick the Kingmaker). In two undergraduate and one masters degree, I can say that he was the most dynamic lecturer I ever had. He really could make the plays come alive. He used to stop in the middle of a lecture, when he saw that everyone was frantically copying everything he said and proclaimed "put down your pens, this is so interesting that you won't have any trouble remembering it. He was right, of course. He was short, fat and had a red face. He loved the role of Falstaff and would repeat Falstaff's lines from memory often. We all thought that he was a repressed actor who wanted desperately to perform that role on stage. I was sad when I saw that he had died in the early 1970's.

The History of England

Hey wow! Well, I thoroughly enjoy reading his books, however long ago they were written. Just reading Richard III right now...

Don Padou

I recently read Succession by Michael Livi. Livi's book is fiction, but with a twist. Livi uses fairly long extracts from contemporary chronicles to carry some of the narrative load and then fills in the gaps with his imagined dialog and some additional narrative. It is an approach that I have not seen used by other historical novels and I liked it.

The story focuses on Margaret of Anjou, Margaret Beaufort and their sons. The story, in other words, is of yet another powerful foreign queen hated by the English; the fall of Lancaster and the rise of Tudor.

Much of the motivations given to the characters are, of necessity, speculation by Livi, but it fits the facts and is an interesting take on what drove some important events.


I am reading WarsOfTheRoses:Stormbird (by Conn Iggulden). What are your thoughts on it? Have you read it? I'm in the process of reading it and I'm really liking it so far– is it a good historical book? Thanks!
And thanks for this useful post you posted!

The History of England

As it happens I started reading that too recently. I rather like him as an author; but he messes up the chronology; and has Suffolk as the commander when England finally loses Normandy,. not Somerset. So, he's a decent writer; just don't rely on him for your history!

Pompidou P. Pompidou

Now I regret limiting all my reading as a youth to "The Beano" and "Cor!"

The History of England

OK...but if you had to pick 2, not a bad choice!

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