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The History of England

Hi Nuala - and thanks for the donation!

Um, well, the Irish have plenty of Eason to be negative about the English! But I think it depends on who you think the English are at what stage; it's rather academic, but with the settlements and Tudor and Stuart history come some pretty awful stuff, as you may already be aware! But very glad you are enjoy it. You may know that it helps many peopl
e get to sleep very successfully. Which I find difficult to take as a compliment!

Alison Oliphant

Just looked up your website for the first time, and 'sorry' you've lost your job - I always have found it boggling that you could do so much research AND have any kind of an outside life, let alone hold down a job. Have set up a monthly payment to at least keep you in coffee and biscuits while beavering away in the 'shed'. I've been listening to the first part of your broadcasts for ages because my husband often plays them when we go to bed. I love them so much that I forget all the cares of the day and then promptly fall asleep! At least it means that I'll probably be entertained by your podcasts for the rest of my life. Many many thanks - and may your fame spread even farther in history circles

The History of England

Banzai! Thanks Alison - I think you husband might also be subscribing? The Oliphantr family will have a special mention each supper time chez Crowthers...

I'm just going to have to live with the going to sleep thing I can see!

Pamela Bonds

Another American Anglophile here! Found your podcast about a month ago and am loving it. I started at podcast one..and am up to 40. The Plantagenets are my favorites so I'm in my zone now ( white rose of York.. note my email name) I knew we were on the same page when you talked about the brilliance of The Saxon series by Cornwall!!
Actually, this is my first foray into podcasts..I added a bunch to my que at first, but have deleted them all but for yours. There is so much content there feel like I'm good for a while.
Happy to hear you could be expanding at some point..just started my journey into French Royalty. I will join for member benefits.
Just wanted you to know loving your humor and content. Glad to know there are others out there like me :)

The History of England

Thank you Pamela. It is amazing how much great content there is available. If it's your first foray, then I take it you haven't tried Mike Duncan out yet - that's worth a go too, he's very good. But not before you've finished here of course!

Baz Greenaway

Ex-pat now living in the US (Milwaukee) and your podcasts have been a wonderful discovery and have turned my daily commute into a rough-end-of-a-pineapple smoothie and have become essential listening. Absolutely loved the Richard the Lion Heart episodes (I kept picturing Graham Chapman in my head!). Kudos for the Pythonesque 70s/80s bon mots dropped in: the nod to Steve Harley/Cockney Rebel "There's nothing left.." made me laugh out loud at the wheel. Only up to episode 56 as well, so tons more to look forward to. I made a small donation today, so keep up the good work and in the words of Steve Harley: make me smile.

The History of England

Hi Baz...delighted its helping with the daily commute. I shall try to do the Steve Harley thing...and thanks for the donation that made me smile!


I absolutely love your podcast. It's just fascinating. Not dry. Not wordy. You have a great ability to synthesize a lot of information into coherent, comprehensible chunks. Can't wait to make it to the Tudors--my favorite. I am an avid listener. I'm in a small town in rural Georgia, USA


I have only recently discovered your podcast. Largely because I had forgotten to reserve more Terry Pratchett audiobooks from the library, and needed some goodnight storytelling. And looked at possible podcasts as an alternative. So far I've only made it to episode 85, but I have been enjoying myself mightily. Getting to learn stuff, have a good laugh, and have someone read me to sleep. Awesome! Win/win/win.

I look forward to getting through all the episodes. And no longer have to panic over a lack of audiobooks. I am not giving up on Pratchett, but you are every bit as good as he is.

As an added bonus, I finally got my paws on 1066 and all That. The Venomous Bead just about killed me.

P.S. You now have at least one listener based in Denmark.

The History of England

Hi Susan and Penny, and thanks so much for the lovely comments - I blush!

The Venomous Bead is one of the best in the book as it happens! And never give up the Pratchett...


David, thank you for the podcast. I've been a listener for a couple of years now but finally, finally became a donor/donator. I applaud your thoroughness, balance of passion and facts, pacing, and wit. Now please just hurry on through the rest of your country's history.

Josh Olive

I have tremendously enjoyed listening to this podcast, and I greatly appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Thank you for all that you do!

The History of England

Thank you Alan and Josh, I am a glutton for flattery. and anyway, it's a pleasure...


I njust sent a small donation. I love the podcast and have been slowly catching up. I am currently at the end of Edward I reign. I am from the USA but my mother was British (a war bride) and I have a cousin in Pinner that we are close with. You remind me of her husband Paul, who has the same delightful sense of humor. So I can picture him reading the text. Thank you for hours of enjoyment

The History of England

Thank you Phil - very lovely of you! I shall spend it unwisely...


Just discovered this podcast. Thank you so much...it's excellent

The History of England

Thanks Mike!


Was scanning the comments and saw one from a listener Tonya (Sept 12 2016) that exactly described my situation... just started listening, have made it to Richard Lion-heart, from the United States, always been interested in English history, and very much enjoying your podcast. Looking forward to the next thousand years...

The History of England

Hello Jay. I listened to that episode a little while ago - and was horrified at the speed. I get more measured...glad you are enjoying it anyway. Come and see the new site at www.thehistoryofengland.co.uk

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