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Dick Newman

Sent a small donation yesterday and have just realised our Paypal account is in my wife's name. Wanted to mention it because I offered to buy you a pint and didn't want you to think you were being chatted up by some creepy woman.


The History of England

Dick, I was never worried! Thanks for the donation, much appreciated

Karen Roth

Wonderful Shedcaster ~ Really, a profile page needs to have a picture of you. Or, at least, a picture of your shed. And your dog. Your shed and your dog and you, ideally.

The History of England

mmm...it'll need an artist of some talent, and a degree of dishonesty...


I've been re-listening to the series recently and today I got to the revised version of episode 97 (now with the new music), but unfortunately, unlike all the others that I've reheard so far; while the new music plays in both speakers, the vocal track only plays in the left speaker.

The History of England

Thanks for letting me know - should be sorted now with a bit of luck. Cheers, David


Hi David, just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your podcast. I started a few weeks ago and I'm up to !066 and thereabouts. I sent a donation which is in no way adequate to the hours of entertainment you're providing me but there you go! I really hope you manage to keep it up and make it all the way to the 20th century (19th century?). Phil

The History of England

Hi Phil! And donation received, most generous, I now love you forever, just like giving a dog a sandwich! Really glad you are enjoying it. Have you tried the Anglo Saxon England version? Only goes up to Offa as yet, but more professional...


I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy listening to your podcast! I found it not long ago and I'm up to Richard the Lionheart and the Crusades. I've always been interested in English history, but I'm from the United States so I learned very little of it in school. Your podcast has been just wonderful! I'm very much looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

The History of England

Thanks Tonya! Very kind of you to take the trouble to say so. And hope you keep enjoying it!


I've been listening to the History of England since earlier this year. I have a hour round-trip drive to work and these podcasts have made the drive quite enjoyable! I finally donated today because I felt quite terrible enjoying all the fantastic history and story telling and not giving back a little! Keep up the great work!


Love the podcast, keeping me entertained while walking around, however I'm just about to hit episode 36 and it's missing from your rss feed!
Any chance you could add it back in? I've only got 3 more episodes to listen to till i get there.

Cheers, Marcus

The History of England

Ach, Marcus, I serious don't understand that. I had a look at the 'Podcast Subscribe' button, and it seems to be there. Honestly, I have no idea why it wouldn't appear. Are you doing it from the website? I did update it at one stage - are you sure it's not got out of order or something? Any advice welcome...


Thanks for looking so quickly!
I'm using the Podcast Addict app on Android. I've been able to download the next ~10 after, just seems to be this one.
The feed URL i have is http://rss.acast.com/thehistoryofengland, which looks ok to me, but i get a 404 file not found error whenever it tries to download this episode.It does play fine directly from the site, so not the end of the world if i can't listen through the app

The History of England

Marcus, Acast are struggling too - they can also see it in the feed...still trying though...


I can not get the podcast to play. Is there any special trick besides pressing the pause button in the entry? Thank you from America.



This is Kim again. I hit post before giving you my information. Sorry

Kimberley Oliveto

This is too damn touchy

The History of England

Kim, I am really sorry for my silence. But I simply have no idea. I will try Acast - are you still struggling?


Hi from America. I just wanted to add feedback to the recent discussion of player problems, just in case it lends a clue. I started listening for the first time last night. I was listening directly, using the player in the archived podcast. It stopped partway through the first episode. I was using my android phone, with Chrome browser. (Will try again with Firefox.)
I'm not giving up! I may even actually attempt *gasp* downloading! (Suggestions for a podcast app would be appreciated.)

David Patton

I love the podcast!! I've been listening for months now and look forward to continuing. I have a question. You make many references to the church and most are critical. The church is political or it is used to reward allies etc. In my visits to England I have seen and visited many castles. Many times you point out how important they are to the people. So what about the chapels, churches, cathedrals and abbeys? They too played an important part in the lives of the English and the monks started teaching the "ordinary" people reading and writing long before the "state" did.

The History of England

Hi Anita - I have reported this to Typepad; they admit they have a problem, say they are working on it; but it's clearly a problem, and there's not much I can do. I may in fact move website at some point. If you can use a podcast app, some folks with Android have recommended Pocket Cast...

The History of England

hi David - you are absolutely right, and I am rather conscious of it. I have on occasion tried to redress the balance; in this last episode on Europe for example, i try to make the point that in peoples' daily lives the church played an ever present and positive role; that the more recent research on the English reformation shows the work the church did to improve the education of their priests. I think in ep 117 I made the same point. But you are right, I should do more on the day to day to balance the politics. As we come to the reformation, there is a good opportunity to make sure the work of historians like Eamon Duffy are properly represented.


Thanks David, I'll try pocket cast on my android phone.
And just to make things odder: I was able to listen successfully, using Chrome, on a Samsung android tablet. Don't know what the techs at the
Type pad will make of that.

However I do it, I'm listening!


I just started listening - thank you for such a wonderful podcast - im downloading from Blue Mountains Australia and Im very grateful that podcasts can teach us so much and yours is so GOOD! I listen every night - in theory to help me get to sleep - but Im being kept awake; enthralled and often giggling! I had no idea the church encouraged Henry into Ireland - the way my family taught me about Irish/ English relations was a bit different and indeed very anti English. I find youre interpretations refreshing and broad minded and I thank you very much for your work.

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