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Sunday, October 16, 2016


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Alan Allport

Sorry to hear about the job. I am in that very lucky position of doing something for a living that I love, but it could very well have worked out differently had luck taken another turn. Hope a solution of one sort or another is possible. Best of luck with the new idea, which sounds very interesting.

Robin Jackson


I did your blessed survey but I do not remember it asking for an email address for the prize draw!

Also, I did try to do it initially on my iPhone but the section where you had to give each choice a mark out of 10 would not work, each question worked but it would not record the answers for all of them, it always seem to leave 3 questions unanswered?

Just FYI.

D Kevin Crovo

David, I am so glad I now have a way to get more of my favorite podcast ever. I wish I didn't know about it so I could binge on it again like I did 6 months ago. Just signed up on Patreon and wished I already had. The only thing I have a problem with is your distain of brothers and the French. Wait did I say problem? I meant to say my favorite thing. Keep up the great work and thanks

Kevin Crovo


Can't wait to join the Members Service! Launch date ETA?

The History of England

Hi all...thanks for doing the survey. I love my brother dearly of course. Especially because he updates the index every week.

ETA? Hoping for start of November. It's the website and ordering process that needs sorting out - but I'm close...

Bill Pendleton

I contribute monthly now and since I always look forward to David's podcast, I would join at several times the price. If he's going to make a living at this, maybe he can do several podcasts like Ray Harris & Cam Reilly ( Julius Caesar, The Cold War, Alexander the Great etc )

The History of England

Hi Bill, and again thanks so much for the donations. I think I may be full with the new podcast, sadly ! Not quite sure what to do with the Anglo Saxon one either...


will love to donate and become member - just please just give me the good diplomatic, military and general history stuff!

not as interested in social issues, like witchcraft, farming, etc

maybe just me but thats my two cents

The History of England

kings, Battles, politics it is!


I'd love to learn more about the development of the nobility. For example, did some Ducal family start as farmers who fought well in 700 AD and then became noble? Or were most ancient nobles chieftans or Roman elites before becoming elevated among their "peers" (no pun intended)? Nobles always call people parvenu, but at what point were they parvenu?

The History of England

Thanks Liam - I'm sure I could find a way to cover that - it'd be quite fun, give a chance to look at family stories. Keep the suggestions coming !


I think it would be cool to hear about some of englands enemies. Like Louis the Spider, Robert the Bruce, Grace OMalley, or Phillip of Spain. I think that would be a nice addition to the narrative and help us understand the complexity of why folks did what they did and how England fits into a larger picture.

P.s. How will we know when the member feed is up and how can we get hooked in?

The History of England

Thanks Jessica; I will MOST certainly let you all know. Should be soon - week or so.

Niall Blehein

If I'd have known that losing your job would get us more content - I'd have defamed you to your employer long ago !

Usually in life we do what we get paid for and not what we love. If you can combine the two with this then I'd be delighted for you.

Now hurry up and get it started. There's some money burning a hole in my pocket :)

The History of England

It is a heady prospect! Still, as it happens I am now feeling slightly guilty since I've taken a part time short term contract...slowing me down a bit. Should be up and running within 10 days though!


thank you for this.

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