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Sunday, October 16, 2016


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As we are now moving into Tudor waters I would like to recommend "From the Tudors To The Stewarts", a very entertaining series of lecturers by an actual but non-funsucking historian, prof Robert Bucholz.

It is available at Audible so you know the drill.

As i write this I have distinct feeling I've recommmended this before, but no matter, the recommendation stands.


Great episode and I enjoyed the intro, warbling notwithstanding.

David... is that your shed? If so, you would faint over the squalor that is my shed! Spacious though it may be, it is dusty, full of firewood, inhabited by myriad rodents and smells faintly of fuel.

In awe.

The History of England

Thanks Derfel. I have been listening to some other lecturers actually; it's a much better format than straightforward audiobooks for history. I've really enjoyed them. Thanks for the recommendation.

The History of England

Sheena, it is indeed a palace. Having said that, I do have the rodents, in the roof. They make a hell of a racket. And they smell. I do not feel like a child of the universe when I hear them, I just want to ....

oh well! Apart from that, it's all good!

Bob Maples

I don't hear the birds outside the shed anymore. Could you open a window when you record next time?

The History of England

I'll entice some back with a bit of birdfood! It's got something to do with the mic I think. Some still gets through every so often I think. But it's getting a bit cold to open the window right now, sadly!


How sad I was to discover that there is no text for podcast 196, perhaps my favorite episode. Thank you for all your hard work. I loved seeing you on your little video. You do not look at all like I imagined, but even better. Great visage to go with that great voice.


thank for this.

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