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Sunday, September 25, 2016


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Go Ghent! Standing up to that nasty Emperor Charles V! (Who also happens to be born and baptised in the very same city) Every year, the city holds a parade re-enacting when Charles punished the local elite by marching them through town in their nightshirts with a noose around their necks. The crowd boo's when the Emperor appears. Then they cheer when the noose-wearers walk solemnly through the streets. The symbol of a true Gentenaar (person born in Ghent) is a noose, as a reminder of their defiance of the emperor.


did Acquitanians feel French or just Acquitanaian?

The History of England

Liam. I don't know the answe. But I am going to make a guess that the Aquitanians felt themselves to be Acquitanian, first, French second. But it's a guess...

The History of England

Act Stephen - I have dropped the ball on Ghent! So many opportunities to bring Ghent into the episode. Darn.


Thank you for the warning about Vlad the Impaler before all the gory details. I'm one who can't handle hearing about that stuff.
Also, totally disinterested in Italy and the Italian Renaissance.
Love your work.

The History of England

Hi Janita, and thanks so much for all the donations...and glad I gave the warning then! Not pleasant!

Fascinated to hear the Italian stuff isn't your thing!I have been feeling slightly inadequate about my failure to cover the renaissance so far...


Hey David,
I feel it's already been so comprehensively covered by every historian.
Art history, religious history, political history ... it's always the main topic!
It's nice to hear some other perspectives.
: )

The History of England

Hi Janita..and yes it is a well trodden track. Think about how much I fear doing the Tudors...


great post.

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