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Sunday, July 10, 2016


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Stefan Schneider

Richard was obviously watching Game of Thrones. He realized that if the Woodvilles/Lannisters take over, then Scottish zombies are going to invade.

The History of England

Stefan, I hate to break this to you...I'll try to be gentle...um...Richard III came before GoT?

Actually I wonder which one in GoT is Richard? Theories?


Renly? Maybe? He tried to usurp Stannis,who was the true heir to Robert, as the kids were all illegitimate.


Thanks for the timeline- very easy to understand. It has really brought home to me what a busy bee Tricky Dicky was- he had to work for it.....

The History of England

Wasn't a gimme was it? Busy Bee I suspect is one of the nicer descriptions Richard has been given. I shall quote you.

Lynn Drummond

Thanks for the timeline, No one will ever know what caused Richard to change. But putting both Princes in the tower. The execution of both Rivers and Hastings, his brothers best friend. Says he had already turned against the Woodvilles faction. He may not have killed the young Princes's but leaving them there set it up for Henry the 7th. Since his mothers husband was the keeper of the keys to the Tower. It makes one wonder what history would have been had Richard allowed young Edward to be crowned. And then fought along side him, against Henry Tudor . Would Margarrt Buefords husband and his brother them betrayed Richard and the young King to their deaths. ?????

The History of England

Lynn, you could be right...I'm going to keep the powder of my opinion dry for a while...


thank you for this.

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