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Friday, June 24, 2016


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Roger J

The most telling statistic were the number of inappropriate answers!

The History of England

well quite. I'mm not angry, just disappointed...

Ginny Bilz

Are you considering all of the comments outside of "Leave" and "Stay" to be inappropriate? Because I found the ones you listed to be quite amusing/interesting. Or were there ones that were actually offensive? Personally, I voted for the one about Leaving the Roman Empire, but maybe that's because I just finished the History of the Roman Empire and am currently enjoying a visit with the Byzantines.

The History of England

Ginny, I have to say that I saw the opportunity for a gag and so took it...yes, actually the comments were all very interesting. You are listening to Robin Pierson correct? he's very good...


We are stunned in the US that the generation with the closest connection to WWII voted to leave. I wish you luck and can only hope parliament hops in to change things. Wish us luck in November to defeat the Great Cheeto.

The History of England

Stunned would seem to cover it! Good luck indeed with the Great Cheeto, I have confidence!


How's your confidence now? Oh my god.

The History of England

As you say. Oh My God.

Konstantin Pogorelov

i think that sometimes polls of public opinion do not accurately predict the result of actual voting, because anonymity provides voters the opportunity to vote according to their true inclination, whereas the open forums are subject to pressure from opinion activists. In other words, I am suggesting that a reverse psychological response to ideological censorship might be a factor. All of you Trump haters are facing the reality that people quietly went and voted for Trump because for six months you were yelling your heads off about what horrible people they are unless they loudly and eloquently express the common opinion trends you all espouse, and my amusement grows every day as your unquenchable tears fill the media space and your tantrums escalate in detachement from objectivity.

The History of England

Yes Konstantin, we are indeed besides ourselves. It feels very similar to the pain of Brexit. I like the term Remoaners, amongst whom I count myself...

Konstantin Pogorelov

My apologies for being petty. I do like this podcast very much.

The History of England

Oh I think you are entitled Konstantin! And thanks...

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