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Sunday, March 20, 2016


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Paragraph breaks, please?


Is my iphone doing tricks again with your podcast? Before and after this episode I suddenly hear a man soeaking in an american accent,and it seems to me ( not being an english speaking person) that it is an advertisment for some kind of insurance. Is it supposed to be in your podcast?

The History of England

I am gutted to say, Charlotta, that this is my fault, answering the call of Mammon.



No problem at all!;-) I actually first thought it might be a sponsor to the podcast, but as you did not say anything in the podcast, like you used to with Audiobooks (?), I just thought there must be something wrong with my iphone ( me being totally hopeles on anything digital...) Good luck with getting sponsors ! Now I eagerly wait to hear what wicked Warwick has in store for Edward! :-))

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