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Saturday, January 02, 2016


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Episode 165 is broken. On iTunes (iPhone podcast app) it plays an hour and a half of two Swedish (?) guys talking. When I try and play it via the page, it just plays the intro over and over

Come on I need that one. I'm trying to catch up

The History of England

Should be fixed now, Joe...


Great episode. I like that you're going through every battle

The History of England

Hi Liam...and yes! I agree..and of course it has to be said that we are going at some point to hit something of a desert battle-wise after Bosworth, so we need to enjoy ourselves while we can!


David, speaking of the US (from podcast above), are you planning on going up to the American Revolution? It is interesting hearing it from the perspective of the Brits. I'm from Long Island and after listening to this podcast I really want to get the statue of King George III put back up in Manhattan,to reemphasize our roots and connection to England. We have a picture of Simon de Montfort up in congress so I don't see why not?

The History of England

Liam, I have to say I am NOT looking forward to that period, seriously not. Yes, I'll have to so it. But if my coverage of 100 Years war is anything to go by, I'll probably do 5 minutes on the revolution, and 4 episodes on the 1812 war!

good luck with the statue. I think it's a long shot!


I just started listening to your podcast a few months ago, and I really love it!

However, I am having problems with Episode 120 and several others. When trying to access them on iTunes, I get an "Episode unavailable" message. OK, I thought, I will just go to the website. I click on the play button at the episode's blog entry, where it only plays for a few minutes and then resets to the beginning.

Very frustrating, because I love the subject matter (Wat Tyler and his revolt), and I am anxious to hear you relate the story!

Anyway, hope you can get it fixed, especially at iTunes, because it seems to be pervasive across many episodes there.

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