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Saturday, December 12, 2015


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Charles TS

Was there just one coin with the 2 kings or was it one of many?
If it's just one could it be wishful thinking by the Mercians?

The History of England

Charles it's an interesting theory; I think there are 3 of these coins in existence, but that wouldn't disprove your idea.


I wouldn't want to have been one of Alfred's brothers; they all died early leaving him to pick up the family business of being King. It must have been a scary business being Alfred's brother.

It's all the fault of those Danes; still, as the song goes..."There's nothing like a Dane, nothing is the world" :->

The History of England

Ha! Well I guess the other thing about Alfred is his putting aside of Athelwold, the son of his older brother. But, he didn't kill him, so...

Maybe, Les, that's what the Danes sang as they rowed? have we misinterpreted their raids as desperate attempts to run some travelling musicals?

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