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Sunday, November 22, 2015


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Can't help but noticing that
a/There are no signs of the promised Bloodshed, can we assume you meant next sunday...?

b/ There's no link to your Anglo Saxon podcast except for the one in the post about starting it up. Now modesty is all very well, but surely there should be a small button/link in the header, next to 'home' or somefink like that.

The History of England

Sorry - Bloodshed is next weekend. Good point about the link. No point hiding your light under a bushel, after all!


David, I can't wait for Bloodshed. Wars of the Roses are my favorite!! I listen to your pod-cast almost every night while I go to sleep. It's awesome. Wars of the Roses are my favorite. Cheers from Long Island NY


The new logo is well good. That is all.

Mr. Pasley

David! love the podcast! been a cornwell fan since '92, hichikers and python, well since childhood. I also was very happy to notice you've had quite a start before I found your podcast last year and had the pleasure of listening to you telling the story almost daily since May. (also did this twice with Mike Duncan's"the history of Rome") I think there's nothing quite like having a fantasic story like this (factual and funny)revealed to me in the style I enjoy so much! Thank YOU for all the work you've done so far, and I hope it continues. (P.S. do NOT underestimate the ability of your logo to grab new peeps!)


Thumbs up on the logo. Very clever

The History of England

Thank 'ee kindly. Happy that the logo does the job! And Mr Pasley, I think we should start a support group - I suspect together we form a marketing researcher's demographic profile...


The new logo is great. Very clever and I'm so happy to not see Comic Sans featured.


the lost episodes return woohoo. thank you to azog(not azog i know but it began with an a i think)


just been reading about the welsh castles as i live in n wales and thought i'd point out that if you join the national trust, you don't get free entry into cadw sites and vice versa.

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