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Sunday, November 29, 2015


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One who donates is a donor not a donator/donater.


The History of England

Yes! Paul you are absolutely correct. I will no longer refer to donators...

James M


THAT'S why the Marcher Lords were so powerful! Thanks so much I've always wondered. One the one hand, it seems sort of obvious why consolidated territory would be both financially and militarily more efficient but I'd be interested in any detail you could give - any way to quantify the advantages? Also one wonders how in god's name the rest of the lords would be able to administer their holdings at all with so many dispersed lands - did you say hundreds of dispersed holdings? Does that mean hundreds of local bailiffs and direct "employees: administering for each lord, or were lands "owned" by major magnates farmed out to petty nobles? Any idea how many lords had separate holdings and how many minor lords had single contiguous holdings? If, as is likely you've addressed the structure of the nobility's holdings before, a push towards the episode would be great. Thanks. - James

Simon Thomas

The broad lay out of the streets in St Albans is still the same and some still bear the same names such as Sopwell and Hollowell (Holywell). There's no Cock Lane anymore but there is a Cock pub on the corner. Sadly the pubs mentioned in the map and podcast have gone but there are several town centre pubs still in existence which are likely to have around at this time (the Boot, the Fleur de Lys (now the Snug) and the Fighting Cocks). Presumably they cancelled the pub quiz that night. Anyway, it makes my shopping trips around St Albans more fun to imagine arrows pinging my way as I nip into Waterstones.


What's wrong with this episode on the iPhone podcast app!?
It's playing two guys speaking in... some language other than English! It's totally the wrong podcast. It played properly when it first came out. I know because I'd listened to the first fifteen or so minutes. Just now, when I tried to play it, it's doing what I just described. Help?

The History of England

Joe, now fixed.
Simon, isn't that the lovely thing about history? watching the impressions it's made on the world around us, being able to visualise all the lives that have passed through the places we live in.

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