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Sunday, October 11, 2015


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Steve A

I was also a keen player of Kingmaker 30+ years ago and have used it as the basis of many a castle-visiting expedition. I still play board games and these days there are many excellent games covering English history. If you're interested, I can recommend the 2-player block wargame, Richard III which (despite its name) covers the whole of the Wars of the Roses.

The History of England

Steve! A fellow player! And did you always end up in either North wales or 2 squares of London? Did you play the advanced rules? Ever have hung parliament.

Always interested in a recommendation, but sadly NONE OF THE REST OF MY FAMILY PLAY BOARD GAMES. Can you believe it? Children are such a disappointment - why can't they be more like me?


Steve A

My games usually ended up with two almighty armies hiding in cities that had recently survived plagues, then reshuffling the events until one player was plagued into oblivion. Usually one in London and one elsewhere, and yes, frequently North Wales in those lovely strong castles. I don't recall hung parliaments, nor what was in advanced or basic rules, so can't really comment; it's been a while.

I managed to breed a couple of wargamers, so I get in plenty of play these days. My 11-year-old son frequently slaughters my Lancastrians with his Yorkist rebels.

The History of England

Oh dear, sounds as though you are a Lancastrian...


I'm a touch behind in my listening, but thanks so much for mentioning Kingmaker! I've been anxiously waiting (seemingly for 100 years :-)) for all those names from the colorful cards to appear in the podcast.

Many a pleasant evening in my youth was spent with my posse and our ragged copy of Kingmaker (which I still have). It was one of those rare games where the play was always more important than the outcome, at least until someone got stiffed in Parliament and decided to go home.

Glad to see that others remember it warmly. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can get my 10-year-old to try a game or two with his old dad...

The History of England

Yes! Actually the best bit I always found was turning over the cards and getting your little group together. Glad you did the parliament thing. I feel a community coming on...


after episode 100 several of the podcasts are in dutch. strange to do this but i thin k its not your doing!!!


is there anyway to reclaim these episodes? poitiers is one such affected episode and one i really wanted to hear. You are doing a fantastic job with a great and well read podcast. The occational acting is.....

The History of England

Hi Jon; Acast are fixing it, so it should be possible to download them soon. And, thanks!


thanks a lot david. keep up the good work

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