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Saturday, September 19, 2015


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Looking forward to this bit I am on a mission to get up to dat on THOE but ince I am I shall bedigging in. Thanks!

The History of England

Excellent all... welcome....

Les Read

I think you are too hard on yourself. The Anglo Saxon period is vast (multiple kingdoms, moving boundaries, Danish invasions, fashion, food, culture and so on) that to cover it all would take a library of episodes.

The work you did on the period was excellent; but there is always more that could be tyre levered in.

Producing a comprehensive series on the period is an excellent idea, however don't malign the good work you did before.

I'm looking forward to the continuation of the current series and to the unfolding of the wider story in the new one.

Don't overwork yourself though.

Jim Hendrickson

Only comment: 2 thumbs up.



Just stumbled in here on the recommendation of Scott (He of Ancient History and Bloodline fame)and thought I'd have a look around.

Now, as a matter of course whenever an English speaking podcast ventures into the viking age I always administer the test of checking their pronunciation of the name "Cnut". Generally it comes out sounding like "Canoe". "Fail!" as the young uns say.

Yours is not bad, no vocal between the C and n is good, just a little longer "u" and you've got it.

That is all, now go back to work.

The History of England

Les, you are a gent. Gotta scratch the itch.
Thank you Jim.
Derfel, praise indeed - longer U it is! I did know a Danish chap called Cnud at work a millenium ago. Called NUDD by my midlands mates. He tried to educate me...


I am thrilled that you are going back to the Anglo-Saxons. It's my favorite period, but mightily difficult to turn into a coherent podcast. You made a good stab at it the first time through, but you've come a long way since then. Just a few weeks ago, I was lamenting the fact that you had done those episodes when you were still new at this, and wondering what you would do with it if you too it on now. Your podcasts over this past year have really been stellar. I can't wait for the next 20 episodes.


I love your (self-revisionist) podcasts on the (to date) Romano Britains & sources of information on the Anglo Saxon Britain. I've found all 3 episodes to date delightful & full of charm.

Phil C

I'm really looking forward to getting into the Wars of the Roses, but I'm also quite excited by revisiting the Anglo-Saxons. (I'm making my way through that period in Kevin Stroud's History of English, so it'll be great to get another angle on it)

All the hard work is appreciated!

Steven Owen

Hi, David. Absolutely loving the pods- whether AS or history of England. Can I ask what period you'll be covering on the "not a sausage" weeks?! Sounds like an exciting and previously untold story!

Anyway, kind of serious point here: You've mentioned before that the battle of Bosworth marked the change from Medieval to modern, at least in England. What changed, and why? Was it technological changes, or cultural changes- or something entirely different that caused this? I know you're a podcaster whose got a lot on his plate (apart from sausages), but I'd really like to hear your take on this.

All the best from sunny Japan, Steve

The History of England

Julie & Phil - thanks!

Diana - yes, you can find it on iTunes. I have no technical skills so that's as much as I can do to help...
Steve, and hi to sunny Japan. Um, yes the whole modern era thing in 1485 is more than a little potty. I suppose the idea is that its the Renaissance that changes everything - the 'rediscovery' of the ancients. But of course ever since we've been arguing about it, with historians lumping in other stuff. But I think we'd argue that Henry VII is as medieval as any other king, and deals with his issues very much in the style of Edward IVth.

Philippe Yates

Just listened to the episode about medieval church. There was a question of monks and breeches. Monks did not wear breeches in the monastery but could draw them from the common laundry when they went on a journey. Franciscan Friars on the other hand had breeches as part of their uniform because in theory at least they were always on the road to minister to the laity. I don't have the references to hand but it's in the Benedictine and Franciscan rules. So breeches were seen as necessary for travel but not for everyday monastic life. Not sure why this was. Perhaps decency or protection when clambering over obstacles on the road or getting on horses ( but Franciscans were not allowed to ride horses).

Julie House

I've been listening to your podcasts for the last couple of months. Keeps me very happy on my long drive to work and back - and looking forward to many more months. A heroic effort.

The History of England

Phillipe, thank you so much! What a fab fact.
And Julie and Maite, thank you for your kind words.


Just listened to the new AS episodes & I think they are great!! Also much appreciated is the time you spent talking about original sources & how modern technology is informing & reforming our understanding of the period. My only request is that you talk some more about your secondary sources - I've bought a few books based on your recommendations :-)

The History of England

Hurrah! Thanks Kimberlyn.

Niall Blehein

Let no one deter your from your destiny Sir David. We shall follow faithfully. Smart arses and all :)

The History of England

Th history of England and ASE attracts the smartest or arses. I've always been proud of the quality of ThoE and ASE arse in fact...!


I'm a bit of a late-comer to the podcast, but am catching up fast and loving it. I've come across a bit of an oddity. A few of the episodes have the voices of two mellow-sounding Scandinavians rather than your dulcet tones. The one on Poitiers and Usurpation to name a couple - there are a few around the 100 Years War. I did wonder if it might be a belated but ironic Viking invasion? If not, do please let me know if you manage to fix it.

The History of England

Hi Jules - hopefully this was fixed yesterday; but if not I'd love to know.


Dumb question: has the Anglo Saxon podcast ended?

The History of England

Not a dumb question at all; it's just that I have run out of time. I'm right up against it for the History of England, and can't find time to get to the poor old Anglo Saxons...give me a few weeks, and I'll find some space

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