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Sunday, July 05, 2015


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I just got to this episode, and in the weekly word bit you mention that the words "inept" and "inert" have no positive counterparts contrary to what one might expect due to the "-in" affix.
Well, you were only partially right. True, the words "ept" and "ert" do not exist in English, but the Latin "ineptus, -a, um" is the antonym of "aptus, -a, -um", which of course gives us the English "apt", and likewise "iners, -tis" comes from "ars, -tis", giving us English "art". So these also are words whose negative was lost over time, only it was lost before being imported to English.

By the way, I still haven't caught up with the podcast in real time, but I do hope the weekly word thing continues. Absolutely loving it.

The History of England

Thanks Yair..but I can still get a smile from folks using the ept word...even if slightly inaccrurate!?

Glad you are enjoying it...and equally I love the comments so keep 'em coming!

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