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Sunday, June 07, 2015


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Robertson Shinnick

Excellent! 'Tis good to see you back. I haven't listened since before your hiatus so I have some catching up to do. I shall await further instruction and stand by to help with the drawing if you like. Can send the prizes on to you now (so you can examine them before they're awarded) or just wait and ship them directly to the winners when the time comes (to save you the work). I'll also cross-promote on the Collectors Universe forums so maybe you'll pick up a listener or two from amongst my coin geek brethren. ~RWS

john davies

Quite addictive - really good listen and to learn much that was unknown. Regards john

Clive Barker

Only just found your podcast. I'm working my way through but so far so good. If the rest of your is as good as the early series I'll be listening for years to come.

Bill Grisdale

Listened to your podcast on the Reivers this morning - ironically in that you mention the Percies and that I am going into Alnwick Castle for a meeting with Northumberland Estates this morning. The Percies are still the biggest landowners here in Northumberland, even after 600 years. Not so many raids over the border these days though.
Thanks for the comments on Northumberland - we're fast becoming everyone's favourite holiday destination in England - of course we've got more castles than any other county!
Keep up the good work!

The History of England

Thanks All...I have ti say a visit behind the scenes at Alnwick sounds rather fascinating!

Now if they could just fix the weather...

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