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Sunday, June 28, 2015


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Oh dear hate to do this....but you are right its not going to stop me....it was agreed no music so please no second voice...

The History of England

Sorry, Brenda...non negotiable this one, that's ma' boy. Permanent fixture.


I bow my head to family solidarity....which is a very real player int the War of the Roses....while Henry was sadly missing in action there are lots of fascinating people...The formidible Lady Beaufort...Lord Rivers...Warwick...The Percies....


Oh yay! I love this bit, when things get interesting, what with Warwick, double dealing, exiles, returns from exiles, England losing all the bits of France, and one seriously bad-ass queen (although her cause wasn't the best and she ended tragically).

I've just been listening again to The Wars of the Roses by Dan Jones on Audible, which I quite recommend, so I'm in the perfect state of mind. Time for a king who was so harmless he was terrible! Yay!


Oh, apparently the book I just mentioned is also the book you mentioned in the podcast. It just bafflingly has a different title in the UK (The Hollow Crown vs. The Wars of the Roses in the U.S.).
Great minds, and all that.

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