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Sunday, April 12, 2015


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David I have met your riddle before so will be like dad and keep mum...
Can you guess this modern riddle...
.Your hands hover over me I harvest wisdom.
You yearn for answers I yield to your questioning
But beware: I bring you astray
Into a foul chasm of kittens and cranks


You mentioned that a book on medieval women was of immense help for this episode. Can you tell me the name of the author?
Thanks so much, great podcast!


Obviously I am not David but I believe the author was Henrietta Leyser....hope this helps...

The History of England

Oh lord, Brenda, I am UTTERLY rubbish at riddles. I have no ability to think laterally, and no patience. so sadly, I, um, Googgled. Which was surprisingly helpful!

And yes, it is indeed Henrietta Leyser. I have amended the blog post to give the details to everyone interested.


Does any one these days read Agnes Strickland Queens of England...it can be down loaded for free an abridged version...but obviously the books are better...for a Victorian writer she suprisingly pulls few punchs...

David Lund

There are two answers I think. One suitable for polite company, the other not. Did the Anglo Saxons like bawdy double entendre?

The History of England

I think we should all go for the polite answer...go on David, give it a shot...

David Lund

The wet eye upon attack makes it an onion, I would guess. The bawdy answer seems obvious but will remain unmentioned. I assume the medievals were a pretty crass lot and had a good howl.


a rose

The History of England

David, quite right not to mention the bawdy one - it has of course no place in the rarefied air of the History of England! David, Brad, nice guesses...any other guesses out there?


I really have to wait to know if I'm right? What kind of outfit is this? Is it run from a shed?

The History of England

Sadly, Brad, this is indeed an outfit run from a shed.

OK, the answer is indeed an Onion. Sorry, Brad, nice guess though. Congratulations, David.

Redbean the Yankee

Uncomfortable though women's history may make you feel, you are doing a delightful job of it! This is a great interlude after Agincourt.

The History of England

Hello..er.. Redbean. Is that your first name? Thank you, anyway. It was indeed most uncomfortable, but I don;t seem to have upset too many people - or at least not so far as I have heard !

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