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Sunday, August 10, 2014


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Has anybody recommended Barbara Tuchman's 'A Distant Mirror'?
It's practically required reading for the 14th century, an extremely well written narrative history of the crisis of the late Middle Ages using the life of an upper-middle "French" noble named De Coucy as a touchstone.

It's on Audible with an excellent narrator.


Most excellent podcast. I am loving it so much I've gone back to re-listent to it (because I generally can't wait a whole week to get more content). All the way back to the Anglo Saxons. It's been fun to bring it up to speed again. Definitely much more sticking this time.

However I must say on this episode, while Dame Julie Andrews made famous the ditty "Let's start at the very beginning..." she did so playing the role of Sister Maria, the future Baronness Von Trapp, not as Mary Poppins.


The History of England

Dennis, I am appalled. Thank you for putting me right.

And Joseph, yes, I have! I totally agree with you, still a great book - I was first recommended it about 30 years ago, and it's still excellent!

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