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Sunday, July 20, 2014


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Gene Pagano

When do you anticipate releasing the next podcast?

The History of England

Hi Gene - should be 27th July with a bit of luck. Then we run into holiday problems again...


I am really hoping for more ladybird references!


love the podcast! started listening to it in February 2014 and am already at year 1322... - best shedcast ever.

Redbean the Yankee

Rob Shinnick

Thanks for sharing the results of the survey. Will send the coin to Robert Smart when you forward on his snailmail address.

The History of England

Damase, more Ladybird references coming up when we get to Henry IVth in a few episode's time. And welcome...er.. Redbean!Shedcast....I like that...

The History of England

Rob! Sponsor...! Drum roll...I should have a roll of honour, shouldn't I - a list of THOE honours for contributions to history podcasting. Anyway, thanks again Rob, and snailmail address send a very excited winner on its way.


I've only been listening to the podcast for a month and I'm up to Richard the Lionhearted. It's brilliant, and sometimes I'll listen to 6 or 8 episodes at a time while I go running. I never thought that I could enjoy another man's voice in my earbuds for a few hours as much as I do yours. This is something that I have avoided telling my wife, for obvious reasons.

I love the variety of topics discussed, and the humor makes me genuinely laugh out loud sometimes. Who knows, maybe I've enjoyed the best parts and it'll all go downhill in quality going forward, but I'm guessing that's unlikely.

I especially like how, in response to listener comments, you promise to talk more slowly, but instead talk even more quickly.

All kidding aside, it's truly a remarkable podcast.

The History of England

Ha! For some odd reason I happened to listen to a bit of the Richard the Lionhearted episode recently...seriously, how does anyone understand a single word? It gets slower, Rich, can't promise quality.

Think you need to 'fess up to the wife though.


Here's another listener from the slightly 'exotic' department...
grew up in Russia,
live in Oz, in Victoria, indeed ;-)

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