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Sunday, July 27, 2014


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Danny Russell

D - not deaded. Suffered a crisis of confidence and became a relationship counsellor in Durham.

Brian S Bramwell

A - Edward II Murdered BUT not perhaps with a Red Hot Poker simply because Mortimer and others wanted rid of him and if he were allowed to live he could become a source of future troubles leading to rebellion etc. The Red Hot Poker is feasible because when the body would be shown they would NOT have wanted to show any signs of "Foul Play" and at that time homosexuality was regarded as one of the 7 deadly sins and would be regarded as a punishment to fit the crime.

The History of England

Yes, I think the idea that Edward was being vindictively punished is probably the only defence of the red hot poker story. That and the fact that it makes a good story!


I realize that I'm a bit behind on this podcast, as I'm only as far as King John, good or bad. But I do want to make a plug for your imitation of Churchill on his opinion of King John, even though I'm lagging behind a few hundred years. To an American ear, this little excerpt is hysterical. I hope you do more of that sort of thing in later episodes. You Brits may not think things like that are amusing, but to an American, it ranks up there with your favorite reference book, 1066 and All That.

The History of England

I have been slightly surprised at the remarkably positive response to Winnie impression. I must find another excuse, since the normal reaction for the first 49 years has been rolled eyes and heavy sighs on behalf of the audience!

I shall look for future opportunities...

Andy Flaster

You are two for two with the audiobook recommendations. First Ceaser's Legion was great now Andrew Marr's History of the World.

I am audibly impressed. ;)

The History of England

Yahoi! and indeed phew...

Subtle Knife

Perhaps you should add that Audible is only available to those with credit cards. Even the free trial.

Robertson Shinnick

Hello, David! The coin prizes from the last THoE giveaway have been shipped (finally!)

And I'm only eight days from experiencing some English history, firsthand! My weeklong metal detecting trip to Essex begins on November 2.

Naturally there's another giveaway contest in celebration, if you or any of your listeners are interested.

Video and details here:


I'll probably do some catchup with the THoE podcast while I'm on the plane.


The History of England

Hi Rob - so at time of writing you must be arriving in good 'ole blightly...Thanks for the last coin giveaway, and good luck with the digging!


Okay, I bit and tried one of the Bernard Cornwell recommendations, but I didn't make it very far - a little too violent for me. But your other recommendations that I've tried have been spot on.


David, I have a question for you related to style. Not fashion, but writing. Also, would appreciate other points of view. It has to do with names of kings, queens and other rulers and whether they should be translated. I live in Spain where Juan Carlos has just announced his abdication. His son will inherit the throne. Should he be referred to in English as Felipe VI or Phillip VI? The Guardian seems to call him Felipe. His ancestor, however, who sent the Armada is usually called Phillip II in English language history books.

The History of England

Hi Leland...and sorry, forgot to answer! The hourney of the Spanish royal house recently has been rather fascinating; Juan Carlos seems to have gone from zero to hero and back to zero through his life. And I don't know the answer to your question. I have to say 85% of the time I indulge in cultural imperialism, and use the English version; I've never heard of Felipe II, only Philip II. So if the rest of the world will forgive us, I think anglicization is probably the way forward.

Rob Shinnick

Since this is the comment feed for the audiobook store, I thought I should add that I'm reading (well, listening to) Alison Weir's "Elizabeth of York: A Tudor Queen and Her World". It was a bit slow going for me at first, due to all the names, but it's getting pretty interesting now.

The History of England

Hi Rob - I read 'Blood Sisters' recently which had something about Elizabeth of York I think - also quite good, without being wildly exciting!

Rob Shinnick

Also, since the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand at Sarajevo is upon us, I intend to give Barbara Tuchman's "The Guns of August" another read.

The History of England

There was a really good BBC docu-drama of the assination and lead up to the declaration of war recently. Worth a look if you can find it...but can't remember what it was called!


These audio lecture series originate with the Teaching Company/AKA "The Great Courses" -- can buy directly from them without an Audible account -- they have loads of great history series.

The History of England

Great, thanks Todd. Are they any good? I'd recommend some others if they are....

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