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Sunday, July 27, 2014


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Luise. Tasmania,Australia.

Here's a good site for those wanting to know more about iron in the middle ages.



Enjoyed the pause in the narrative this week, but really just wanted to get on here and say that this is the first time in some 40 episodes that I have been up to date. Too many history podcasts methinks. The last week for me has been a trip through all of Richard II's reign. Good job you did there, if I might say so.

Enjoy your summer break.

The History of England

Thanks for the link Luise!

And Dan, congratulations, welcome. A podcast junkie? Dare I ask what other podcasts?

Rob Shinnick

Brilliant! I enjoyed (believe it or not) the minutiae about the evolution of suspensions on medieval carts. And now I shall never see the word "company" without thinking of a bunch of merchants around a table, breaking bread. Entomology (no wait, that's bugs, isn't it?) er- etymology (i.e., word origins) has always interested me, so thanks for so regularly putting that sort of thing in. (It so happens I already knew about how "pig iron" got its name.)

The History of England

Yes, I was particularly pleased with that...cum panne, all fits so well. And I can suggest to the boss that we break bread together before my performance review each year....

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