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Sunday, June 08, 2014


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Eugene Pagano

Your explanation of entail is somewhat inaccurate. The The entailed land could be inherited from the grantee ā€” but only to the grantee's male heirs. Your description confuses that restricted inheritability with a life estate, which goes back to the grantor or his heirs when the grantee dies.

The History of England

Ah. Thank you, Eugene, and I suspect you are right - though in my defence, I think that was what I was trying to say. I'll have to explain at the next episode...

Rob Shinnick

Nice map- was that done by your sponsor?

The History of England

Hi Rob...sadly not, no...not sure I can be more specific....


I just wanted to point out two mistakes. I am eastern european so the subject is somewhat closer to my heart. First rivers - Elbe does not flow through Berlin. It's in fact Havel - a tributary of Elbe. Second Prussia - the region between Oder and Vistula is most commonly referred to as Pomerania. Prussia is the region east of Vistula up to the river Nemen. The later distinction between West and East Prussia begins after the annexation of Poland by the Kingdom of Prussia in 1773.

The History of England

Oh dear. An error strewn episode! Thanks Adam. Now at very least I can be accurate about where the bones of Bismark's fictional grenadier came from...

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