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Friday, May 16, 2014


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Upon seeing the title and the first line, I feared it was the end.

Rob Shinnick

Yeah, don't go throwing scary words like "cancellation" out there. "Delay" is understandable. You mean you actually have a life and don't live inside my computer? Wow.

BTW, David, there's now a package headed across the Atlantic with your name on it. (The CD I promised you and the Victoria medal I promised you eons ago but misplaced. Betcha had forgotten about the latter.)

The History of England

Sorry...sorry...permanent cancellation - Never! unless death intervenes, which given the current rate of progress is a distinct possibility!

Actually, Rob, I'm just making these trips up -it's a Walter Mitty thing. I'm just a digital impression on the collective, global consciousness.

Yup, I had forgotten! Very excited, it'll have pride of place...


You should send out an announcement on Twitter when there is a delay — and don't call a delay a cancellation.

David Gunn

I have some personal questions. I will not feel in the slightest slighted if you choose not to answer.
Do you work in a field unrelated (or distantly related) to the history of England? I think I recall you saying something about accounting but my memory could well be playing tricks on me - I apologise if you feel slightly slighted by such an assumption. If you do, are your colleagues aware of your bizarre shed habits and of your intercontinental online following?

Just wondering.
I love your work. Thank you for sharing your time and obvious passion.


The History of England

Hi David. Always pleased to talk about myself. I suspect no -one does a podcast without being a raging egotist....

I read history all through my younger years and always loved the story of it all. I did a history degree...and since then history has nothing to do with my working life. Sadly.

I once made some joke about my daughter doing film studies..and wanting her to do something practical that will give her a job and keep me in money in my old age..but I am not in anything financial. I'm in publishing and examinations an education stuff.

Anyway, thank you. I think I get absolutely as much out of it as you listeners - wouldn't do it otherwise!

Donna Schindler

New fan here. Deeply into studies of Henry IV who is my new hero.. Not to say I am against Richard II either... He has his issues. Anyway, looking forward to using your site as part of a summer study program for son and I to enjoy. Thanks!

David Gunn

Thank you David,

Are your colleagues aware of your podcast? Do any of them listen and offer you 'helpful' advice, critique and/or suggestions every time you form a new cast?


Love the podcasts, loved history when I was younger, and now I am really hooked on medieval history, thanks to your podcast, and the ladybird history books. I really enjoy your style and your love of the subject comes through brilliantly.


Rob Shinnick

Your "public" clamors (or is that "clamours"?) for behind-the-scenes photos of you at work in the world-famous shed!

So next time you're going to have a cancellation (umm, delay), you can mollify us by posting that. ;-)

The History of England

Hi Donna, and welcome. And my sympathy to your son!
David, some of them are aware. Few of them, sadly, care beyond the first flush of surprise!
And welcome Simon

Rob. Yes, there have been complaints about my clumsy wording. I'll look out for that in future...!


I wasn't talking about your wording. I was talking about a picture of the shed, with you at the microphone!

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