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Sunday, May 25, 2014


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Just a quick question. Did you say 1988 the start of this podcast? I played it back 3 times and every time it sounds like 1988. Apologies if not.
Love the podcast.
Thanks very much for all your time and brilliant effort.

Eugene Pagano

When will this new episode be in iTunes?

The History of England

Yes, I said 1988. Sorry about that. It's a QC problem...

And yes, Gene, the delay is a bit of a pain. essentially I publish the thing on Libsyn and then wait..I can ping all I like,m but basically I am at the mercy of iTunes....


I'm glad I'm not the only one who caught the 1988 thing.

Surely the Thatcher government wasn't THAT conservative.

Rob Shinnick

I too thought we were going to have Maggie Thatcher time-traveling. Haha.

I am old enough to have caught the subtle Simon & Garfunkel lyrical reference. Excellent thespianism, as usual. However, there was a banging sound effect in there which coincided with my my backing my truck out of the driveway, so it gave me a bit of a startle. (Sounded coincidentally just like the bed of a pickup truck hitting a mailbox. Yikes.)

The History of England

Love her or loathe her, I think Maggie would have been right at home with most of those Medieval Magnates.

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