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Sunday, March 16, 2014


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Tom Sykes

But if I put my ideas (which are really great) into the comments then others may build upon them and win by "standing on the shoulders of giants".

Luise. Tasmania,Australia.

Here's a map idea! I live a very long way from England but I was born in Devonport, live near the Forth River, about an hour's drive from Launceston (we pronounce it "Lon-ses-ton), go sailing out of Kettering, camping on the beach at Orford, buy pastries from a favourite bakery in Sheffield, rummage through a second hand bookshop in Kempton, detour through Westbury ('cos there's a lolly shop), stop off in Brighton for fuel on the way home from Hobart stopping in New Norfolk to do some antiques hunting....
What about a map of England/Britain/The British Isles showing the place names used around the world in the colonies etc..
Reposted from my post on Facebook. Hoping to encourage more suggestions.

Chris Mellor

I would like a map of England which translates the literal meaning of the place name. Might throw up some interesting ones, or maybe everything is called "something hill"

I do like Luise's idea better, though. e.g. the various Leeds' of the world listed by Leeds on the UK map.

Tony Linsdell

My suggestion is for a map showing current sites of castles , markers , fields of battle or other significance, burial places of all Monarchs on the Island etc etc. Those that are germain to our history and that can still be visited. Especially ones that have been mentioned in the podcast (so far).

Jay B

Man, I can't tell you how much I love your voice. I listen to your podcast when I'm feeling restless before bed, and I'm out before the first battle. A beautifully soporific drone. Keep it up!

David Gunn

I would like to see a timeline map of where English(?) forces have been deployed throughout the years (say 1000 - 2000) including both numerical and proportional strength.
It would show clearly where internal strength, supposed threats, battles and strategic thought lay as well as highlighting an era's 'trouble spots' and key events.
It would be amazing if this were possible.

I would love to see a version of Chris's proposal regarding a place name map. It would provide continuous interest over a long period.

David Gunn

Also, although it's clearly a compliment, it's quite hard to tell if Jay B's comment is a slap in the face or on the back. I'm still not sure.

The History of England

Hi all - great Ideas I think! I will suggest it to Chris, and see what he says. I love the place name idea...

The History of England

Sadly, I'm reading Jay's comment as a slap in the face...'soporific drone' was the giveaway I think...


Hi David. I just thought I'd let you know that I have thoroughly enjoyed your podcasts immensely thus far and feel incredibly enriched by the knowledge I've built up over the last few weeks and months. I'm up to the Crecy episode and am dreading the fast-approaching situation of having run out of episodes to consume 'ad libitum', so-to-speak.

However, I must admit that I too have fallen asleep a few times whilst listening late at night! If it's any consolation, the only other narrator to whom I appear particularly susceptible is Sir David 'The Dude' Attenborough, who can effect in me a state of advanced torpor seemingly at any time of the day or night (but especially post-prandially on the sofa with legs raised and dog's chin on my lap!). The good thing about podcasts though is that I just listen to the bits I missed the next day!


There's something funky with the way Leatherman's site is loading--only pieces of it are visible, then they are replaced by a blank screen. I'm on an old, weird computer but it seems to function normally for other sites.

I regularly fall asleep to HoE, in fact that's mostly what I used podcasts for. But that just means I can make one episode stretch over many days--I just fast forward through the parts I remember hearing! Only problem is, once in a while a "pyre-ankles" or some such will make me start giggling just as I am about to zzzzzz.....zzzzz....zzzzz.

The History of England

Hello, Simon and Amy.

Now that is odd. I do a fair amount of international travel for work, and sometimes have overnight flights. As I sit crammed into economy class (sadly, no swanky business class for me), I have found the infallible answer to getting a good night's sleep - podcasts. No matter how uncomfortable I am, I always go off to sleep. It's something about having someone reading to you - it's very comforting.

Thanks also for reporting the high funk levels on the Leatherman site..I will feed it back.


I hope you don't take all this the wrong way. You're providing _double_ the value late at night. And as the previous correspondent said, that makes it all last much longer. Keep it up, it is truly interesting, even when you're lulling us...

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