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Sunday, March 30, 2014


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Phil J

Long time listener, first time commenter from Australia. David, I love your podcast and listen to it walking to work or doing
Listening to the podcasts on the Peasants' Revolt, it reminded me of Alexis de Tocqueville's book on the French Revolution, in which he pointed out that one of the causes of the revolution was the failure of the political system to keep up with economic changes - valuable feudal rights (such as exemption from taxation, levying of duties, forced labour) were maintained by the nobility, whereas the middle classes who were buying land and therefore rising economically resented the unfairness of this. Actually, one event that precipitated the revolution in 1789 was the rejection of a proposal to remove the nobles' privileges.

Phil J

Should have said doing the housework. So how sad am I?

The History of England

Nothing sad about housework, Phil. The nobility of manual labour, and all that.

Nice point about the French Revolution, and the similarities. The phrase from Cobett also sticks in my mind - 'I defy you to agitate a man on a full stomach'.

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