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Sunday, March 23, 2014


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David G

Finally, some rebellious spirit. As an American I do enjoy hearing of those snobby aristocrats getting a good kicking. Keep up the good work.

Josh A

Only recently discovered you, and so am "only" up to Episode 50. Just wanted to say I enjoy it immensely, and was subsequently inspired to read Asbridge's history of the Crusades. It's a great read. Why does any one need Game of Thrones when the history of Outremer is so rife with battle, intrigue, and drama?

Take care.

The History of England

Yay! It's taken some time, hasn't it? And Josh, yes, you are absolutely right - the story of Outremer is just remarkable. Just got given a new book myself on the Crusades, which gives me a difficult dilemna; for 3 years I have read NO BOOKS not related to a future podcast. Slightly scary. So can I afford to read a book about a period I have already passed?


More hymns! That is all.


If someone demanded I pay a groat, I too would take up a pitchfork!

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