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Sunday, February 02, 2014


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Hi, great podcast again, just one small request.

with your play and pause button, if I pause it I have to reload the file and it only lets me play the podcast from the beginning. On say the History or Rome or the Ancient World podcasts, it's exactly the same but I can start them off from where I left off by using the scrobber(?) thing.

Even if I go direct like this: http://historyofengland.typepad.com/files/115-the-rotten-apple.mp3, and try to use the scrobber, it won't let me and will only play from the beginning. This is a problem because I listen to these at work and am constantly being interrupted. I'm not sure why your's can't be "scrobbed" and only wants to play from the beginning but just a head's up.

Fantastic job as always, please keep it up!

The History of England

Matt, I can't really provide an answer. Using the kettle stretches my technological competence, giving you an answer on the pros and cons of something called scrobber is completely out of my league. When I was born, Matt, computers were held in aircraft hangers. The only thing I can say is that for a few episodes I forgot to tick the 'remember playback position' in iTunes. It could be this causing the problem. I know I checked it for 117 - do you still have the problem with that one? If you do, sadly, you are on your own...


I just tried to listen to this episode in itunes and its two guys speaking in another language. Am I missing something?

The History of England

Jenny, it should be fixed now...



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