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Sunday, January 12, 2014


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Matt Firth

Unquestionably an 11.


Fantastic work. Loving it all.
New follower only on episode 30

Arthur Henrick

Long time Listener,
2nd Time Commenter!

Great podcast and enjoy when the family gets involved... I know how hard it is to get my 16 year old to empty the bin let alone, read a quote on a Podcast!

You must use extensive Duress or a really great son.

Kathy Fiscus

I am new to your podcasts and am hooked.
I'm only up to Henry III and am racing to catch up. I really appreciate your time in putting this together.

I am also an avid Audible listener. What are your thoughts on historical fiction? There are some very good quality, historically accurate novels out there that bring history to life.

Thanks again, from the Great State of Texas.

The History of England

Thanks all! Well, I'm pleased to announce that the answer is 'really great son'. But then I'm his father, so that may be biased...

Kathy, I think good, well researched historical fiction plays a role in history; novelists have more opportunity to speculate and fill in the gaps. I read an immoderate amount, sadly...

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