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Sunday, January 12, 2014


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David. Love the podcast. I'm in mourning between episodes. Loved the Thorn reference (ye = thee) today. Would suggest that you look at (or promote?) The History of English podcast. I've found it a very nice supplement to this - and quite fascinating as well.


At any rate, because of this podcast, I felt like I knew something when you dropped your linguistic nugget.

Dennis Stevenson
Arizona, USA

Robertson Shinnick

Good one. ROFL@ the weasel/stoat wordplay. Brilliant!

The History of England

Hi Dennis & Rob. Dennis, I have t say I loved that. Learned a fab fact today to boot. You know we talk about 'liberal arts'? I've always wondered where that comes from - apparently it comes form the Romans - only free men ('liberales') were fit to study the subjects. Little facts like that - fun to know, and a good way of clearing a space around you in the pub!

Hi Rob - very glad to get praise for that joke! The ultimate Dad joke I have to tell you...

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