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Sunday, August 11, 2013


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Stephen Murray

I was so happy to hear my beloved Gent mentioned on the podcast that I decided to donate 10 euros for each time you said it. However, the donation would have been more except deductions were made for each mention of Antwerp. Sorry.

JACOB, definitely Jacob -
a) he would have come from a Flemish speaking family who may have known French, but wouldn't give him a French name.
b) Jacob is a common name in the region, as a result of the main church in town from that time period which was on the pilgrims route to Santiago de Compostela.
c) the statue pictured above says 'Jacob' (which I cycle by regularly).
d) Pronunciation of the last name is: 'Fahn Art-uh-feld-uh'

Keep up the great work (=no more holidays, or mentions of Antwerp!)

The History of England

Stephen, you are going to hear a LOT more about Ghent at 10 Euros a pop! Seriously, thanks for the donation, it will be spent in a good cause. Sorry about the Antwerp thing. I think there's a story there you need to explain...?
I'll get the pronunciation right next episode!

Robertson Shinnick

Aha! *Ghent* So, David, you've finally *Ghent* become a Giffer, have you? *Ghent*Ghent* Brilliant! *Ghent* I've not climbed that particular rung of the *Ghent*Ghent*Ghent* technological *Ghent* ladder *Ghent*Ghent* yet. *Ghent*Ghent*Ghent*Ghent*Ghent*

Robertson Shinnick

Oh, hey- check out my latest and greatest newp!


(No, a "newp" is not an salamander-like amphibian. 'Tis coin geek-speak for a "new purchase".)

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