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Sunday, June 23, 2013


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Robertson Shinnick

Psst- David- let me know what you think.


(Oh- I still have that Victoria medal I promised you... somewhere. Bet you forgot all about it, anyway. But next time it turns up I'll get 'round to shipping it.)

The History of England

Hi Rob...fab idea, you are really far too nice! I of course could have no possible objection...only problem might be that I'd get ordinary donators mixed up with the competition guys.. So when people donate and want to be entered they should point 'coins' into the message.., how would that sound ?

The History of England

Though actually, while I think about it, I think I am personally only doing 1 episode in July...so maybe leave til the end of August? What do you think?

Robertson Shinnick

OK, so it's to run through July and August, then. You mentioned "ordinary donors" and "competition guys". What's the competition? Guess I'm too far behind. I just started in with Episode 89, but now that I listen to you on the go, I'm catching up rapidly! BTW, congrats in advance on your upcoming 100th episode!

Re. the new coin giveaway- I could make one "first place" drawing and that person will get to pick which of the two prizes he or she prefers. Then the "second place" winner will get the remaining prize.

OR... would you like the "first prize" (first choice) drawing to be for the donors, and then the remaining "second prize" (second choice) drawing could be drawn from July & August's commenters?

The History of England

Ooh, actually competition was just..well me not thinking...don't need a competition... and your first suggestion sounds great! It's very nice of you again.

So the plan is that I keep stumm?

Robertson Shinnick

No, no need to "keep stumm". (I had to look that one up.) Announce it as you see fit. I will launch the Collectors Universe threads soon.

So we will go with my first suggestion, as you say. This means it will be for donors only. Two drawings. First place winner gets to pick one of the two prizes, and the second place winner gets the prize that's left.

I'll just need donor names from you by the end of August, and the email addresses of the two winners so I can get their snailmails for shipping.

I just gave away a 1789 gold half-guinea on Collectors Universe, as it happens:


But that was a special circumstance, to thank MY donors who are sending me to your Green & Pleasant Land to dig in the dirt for buried goodies. I should be in England November 2-9, and I understand it is neither terribly green or pleasant then. I expect I shall have a damp and muddy time of it, in fact. But if I can pop some medieval silver pennies and Roman denarii and maybe a Cunobelin stater out of that mud, all of the physical discomfort will be quickly forgotten!


Although I have only recently begun listening to your podcast, I enjoy it very much--especially while doing tedious data cleaning (I try to iron as little as possible). Since I do a lot of tedious data analysis, I have listened to more than 80 episodes in two to three weeks. Very interesting.

I am also fond of both audible and traditional books. As a non-historian, I am unsure if historical fiction is considered rubbish, but you did recommend Bernard Cornwell's and Ellis Peters' books, so perhaps it is okay. The (mainly medieval) mysteries by PC Doherty (who also writes under various other names) are really excellent reads and tend to fix the historical events in my mind better than reading non-fiction tracts on battles and political machinations. When I have done (albeit scant) research into the various events, the sources have supported the fundamental events in the books or he has noted the deviations in the postscript. These books are sometimes difficult to find but are worth the search.

Thanks for making my dissertation work easier and cramming my brain and those of my family full of history.

The History of England

Hi Rob - you must let me know where you are when you come over...and yes, brown and a bit grubby is what you'll be looking at in November!

Anyway, fab news - let me know when you launch it!

The History of England

Hi, um, M! In my humble opinion, as long as we don't forget that historical fiction's primary aim is to tell a good story, it definitely has a place - the freedom to speculate about motives and fill in gaps...
Anyway, glad you are enjoying it, and good luck with the dissertation.

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