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Sunday, April 21, 2013


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Great way to start the week again. Thanks David!

The History of England

Excellent, thanks Matt.

Aldan Sphere

Hello David!
Stellar effort...but for one thing! Your work is good enough to create a feeling of anticipation in your audience - so why in the world do you use that annoying cliff hanger device? That is normally associated with sub-par fare with nothing much to recommend it, thereby tarnishing your HoE. Do you enjoy an incomplete experience? That you have children is reasonable proof you do not! I don't know how most react to this presentation quirk, but, though I like the show overall, I only download every two months instead of as they appear. Broken narratives are irritating to a sophisticated audience. Save those clever little gems of creativity for that future sitcom project...

All the best, AS

The History of England

Hi Aldan..interesting comment. I might argue about the phrase sub-par - given that good writers (e.g. Charles Dickens) manage to make it work, but I'm not about to argue that my skills as a novelist live up t that level! Anyway I asked a similar question of the Facebook group not too long ago, which suggested that English history is not so well known that there can't be an element of mystery about the outcome of each story, but I guess you point is, keep it within each podcast episode. I'll think on't, and thanks for the comment.

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