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Sunday, February 17, 2013


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Kathryn Warner

Hmmm, I thought I left a comment yesterday, but apparently not! Just wanted to say thank you so much for the mention and link, and the really kind words! I so appreciate it.

The History of England

Ah hello Kathryn! Not at all, you have an amazing blog, I'm really enjoying it - and am rather indebted to it! Glad you didn't object to the 'chippy' bit... You might well have submitted a comment before; I have had to deal with a spam blizzard so had to add the daft log in approach.

Robertson Shinnick

Hello again, David.

Re. your self-deprecating "hack in a shed" comment, I'll have you know you're my favorite hack in all the sheds in Christendom, so do keep at it, good sir. I have visions of some lovely, bucolic, setting for that shed, actually, as I frequently hear bits of British birdsong in the background of your dialog. Makes me imagine something like those sham "ruins" or "follies" those 18th century toffs would put up on their estates. I think of your shed as being a replica of one of those monk's cells or something, with a lovely bit of garden beyond. (No need to spoil it for me mentioning all the bits of wire and electronic equipment and that rusty spade and lawnmower in the corner, eh?)

Just recently figured out how to actually load this stuff onto an MP3 player and listen on the go. (Up 'til now I've listened from the website.) How wonderful that practically every THoE episode I've listened to since has been just the right length for my daily commute, from job to driveway or vice versa. And your warm voice is far more soothing than the average American commercial radio DJ's. I'd probably listen if you did nothing more than read the telephone directory for Nether Wallop, Great Snoring, Licky End, or one of those other very British places.

Robertson Shinnick

Oh, and by the way, re. your secondhand Audible recommendation of Bill Bryson's "At Home". I TOTALLY agree with that recommendation, from personal experience. I DEVOURED that book. It was the one that turned me on to Bryson in the first place, and I've since read all but one or two of his books. And this was one of his best! You really MUST read it before you get up to the Industrial Revolution and Victoria's reign in this podcast. It is fascinating and very revealing about what it was like to live before there were the modern conveniences we all take for granted. Not just in the obvious ways you'd think of, either (like electricity). I recommend it right back at you! Read it before your podcast reaches modern times!

The History of England

Hurrah! Thanks Rob, I am glad that I hit the button...though I have to tell you that I really need to make sure you never actually see my shed!

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