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Sunday, January 13, 2013


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Rob Shinnick

Hi, David! Haven't listened to this episode yet, because I've too much catching up to do. Been away a while. (Also I stumbled across Dan Carlin's "Hardcore History" so that's kept me busy too). I look forward to giving your past couple of months' podcasts a listen. I just read Nigel Jones' book about the Tower of London, so it's brought my mind back around to Albion, you might say.

Anyway, are you or your other listeners up for another coin giveaway? (Well, this time it's a medal, actually.) Sorry I don't have another medieval piece this time, but how about this original Queen Victoria medal? It was probably struck to commemorate her death in 1901.

If you would like to offer it in another giveaway, you pick the time and manner, and I can either ship it to the winner you choose, or to you yourself, in advance.


Rob Shinnick

Eh, phooey, I botched the link in that last, and clicked "post" instead of "preview".

Anyway, let's try again.

Picture of 1901 Vickie medal, take two...


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