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Sunday, December 23, 2012


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Matt, NL

Thanks David, fascinating stuff yet again. Enjoy the holidays, looking forward to more great stuff next year. Cheers

The History of England

It was good! Sorry bit late...now back in harness for more writing!

William Glover

The Beginning of the End of the Western Roman Empire

Questions about it’s effect on Britain, or who’s in charge here. As I look at the role the western most Roman Province and it’s role in the later Roman Imperial history, I can’t but ask if the role it played was it’s future is fore shadowed in the period that can be seen in the aftermath of the loss of the advances the Generals like Julius Agricola, or Emperor’s like Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, or Septimius Severus, part of me really feels that Antoninus Pius’s Governor for Britain Lollius Urbicus who wins the Antonine Wall as a frontier. This advance was not to last the reins of the four “Good Emperor’s” It seems it’s at this time Rome’s attention turns away from Britain and the Western most provinces. Now more informed persons than myself have written about the break down in the Roman State it wasn’t until I started reading about the final phase’s that the origins of the titles of the political/military figures that would be adapted for use in later periods in Equestrian’s become Kings, Duc’s become Duke’s, and Com’s Counts. It seems the political, legal, and Religious institutions all have the echo’s of this now vanished Empire and it’s people scattered, walk forward in time and the echoes remain. As I listen to your podcast reminds me how far and how little we have changed. Being one of your wayward cousins across the pond, as a boy I lived in Bermuda and when my family returned to the states I knew football was Soccer ( and have the scars to prove it), could explain the cryptic game of Cricket sit at a tea without embarrassing myself ( the same for the rare meals when I was the only child who was allowed to sit with the adults in my Blazer and tie). It took decades to remove some of that varnish and most of my Latin, and just wanted to thank you for a thought provoking show.
File under fan mail

Yours truly, Wm Glover

The History of England

That's the amazing thing about Rome isn't it - the incredible influence it's had on history ever since.

Delighted you are enjoying it - it's even more fun to write and record I have to say! An hold onto that Cricket knowledge - the greatest game invented by man.

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