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Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Graham Taylor

Hello again David. Another great episode, but there is a small error.
At around 15:40 you say that Carnavon Castle was built to resemble Constantinople as it was close to the site of a Roman fort constructed by the emperor Maximus "the father of Constantine". This can't be the case. Magnus Maximus was born around AD325, but Constantine was born in AD272. Constantine was actually the son of the emperor Constantius Chlorus.
The Roman fort may have been built by Magnus Maximus, as he was governor of Britain and known to have been active in Wales.
At around 18:15 you say that Edward found the body of Maximus. This definitely a piece of Plantagent propaganda. In AD383, Maximus usurped the western empire from Gratian and his successor Valentinian II. But he was subsequently defeated by the combined forces of Valentinian and Theodosius I, the eastern emperor, at Aquileia. It's highly unlikely that his body made it back to Britain.


The History of England

Hi Graham - and everyone. Graham is, of course, absolutely correct; curses, I knew I should never get involved in anything Roman...
So I am mixing up two things. There is an old Welsh text which survives in other, later transcribed histories, called The Dream of Emperor Maximus. In the dream, Maximus dreams of 3 wonderful castles in Wales, wakes, and finds them exactly as he dreamed them. So in Caernarfon, Edward was consciously trying to recreate these Roman forts, and through the colour scheme evoking the walls of Constantinople.

The other thing is that yes, the body Edward conveniently found was that of Constantius...despite the fact that I think he died in York.

Sorry, and thanks for pointing it out...I shall have to publically wear sackcloth and ashes in the next episode but one.



Oh, so I was hearing "wynn-wynn-wynn" correctly. What a weird name. Makes me want to come up with an awful pun. Like, it was a Gwynnwynnwynn situation.

The History of England

Yes of course...never thought of that. So the situation for was win-win for Gwynwynwyn in his fight for Powys Wynwynwyn...as you say there should be potential there ! And I missed it...

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