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Sunday, November 11, 2012


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Jeremiah Thompson

sorry for not letting you know sooner, I was out of town but I received the silver penny, thanks again for such an amazing giveaway!


Jeremiah Thompson

Christine Goldbar

I am late to your podcast, but I am really enjoying it so far. I am on episode 25 and have told several people to listen in. I realy appreciate all the ancillary materials as they really help me keep everything straight. Is it okay to ask questions from old episodes? I wasnt' sure if you check on those.
Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for doing this, and I am sure I will have loads of questions soon.

The History of England

Thanks Jeremiah, glad it arrived. It is a bit of a stunner, isn't it? Thanks are due to Rob Shinnick really..

Hi Christine - I'm delighted to get questions anytime; they give me ideas. Really glad you are enjoying it.

David Nolan (dsc73277)

When you mentioned that Edward's first Parliament comprised over 800 members, I thought it might be interesting (or at least diverting) to see how that compares with the present day. If we take the population of England to be around 5 million in the late thirteenth century and divide that figure by 800, we can calculate that there was one member of Parliament for every 6250 English people. In 2012, counting both Houses of Parliament, the equivalent figure is one member (including peers) for every 35,600 English residents (based on an English population of circa 52 million, compared with 650 MPs and 811 members of the upper house).

The History of England

So, we should be lobbying for 8,320 MPs in today's parliament!? Hopefully not!

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