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Sunday, October 14, 2012


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Les Read

Hi, I found Hugh de Lusignan on the web. He must be a very long lived man as he's alive and well and a high flyer in several large companies... Interesting I wonder what his secret to long life is.

Seriously though, thanks for explaining the business of Simon de Montfort. I was brought up near Rochester castle in Kent. I loved the place and was marinated in the history of the three seiges it had gone through. No one could seem to explain the third one to me though; that is the siege where Simon deMontfort rebelled against the King.

You seem to have at last thrown light on the overall story, thanks

By the way the Castle is said to have a ghost from this siege. I believe she was called Lady Blanche or the white lady.

Thought I'd throw late one in.

Keep up the great work of throwing light on history. I love your style and humour.



Les Read

One thing I've been loging to ask. What is the piece of music called that you use as your theme tune. I'd love to get a full recording of it.

The History of England

Hi Les

The musics called untameable fire...nice isnt it?

I confess I had no idea before I
started this about how much impact the Lusignan had on our history. Quite amazing. There are a lot of Hughs though - very easy to get them mixed up.



Wow my office is sited practically on top of Henry's wing of the royal army. Neat!

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